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2020 Style Gift Guide

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

This holiday season, it has never been more important to shop small, sustainable, and thoughtful. The great news is there are SO many amazing options to help you on your gifting journey. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your fashion-loving friends or just a new piece for your personal holiday wardrobe, here are some of the items I currently have listed on my 2020 style wishlist.

The Sweater All Over My Insta Explore Page

From Hope Macaulay $225.50 USD

When I say I am obsessed with this brand, I mean OBSESSED. Each garment is hand-made-to-order and worn by some of our fav gals such as Halsey and GiGi Hadid. Knitwear made from jumbo merino wool makes these styles sustainable while still serving us the most fun grandma-knitted-me-this-sweater but make it fashion vibes. To shop this top and explore more from Hope Macaulay, click here!

The Cool Girl's Heel

From Paloma Wool $203.00 USD

I came across these snazzy little shoes from the LISA SAYS GAH Instagram page and immediately fell in love. The yin and yang sign has been popping up a lot in some of my favorite brands' new collections, and I am here for it. The contrast between black and white is a great way to add spunk to an everyday heel that can go with anything. Click here to shop the Balance Heel.

The Perfect Spin Set

From Planet Nusa $80.27 USD (Bottoms) // $74.71 USD (Top)

The first time I heard of Planet Nusa was in a Tik Tok from @themontanaexperience. I love a good basic workout set, and when it comes to activewear, black is my favorite color. Instead of opting for the big brand names everybody else is wearing this holiday season, I love that Planet Nusa offers a sustainable alternative for those wanting to step up their activewear game. (P.S Check out their adorable cloth bags.) To shop click here!

Masks You'll Actually Be Excited To Wear

From Bruh Masks $10 USD

Let's be real. Masks aren't going away anytime soon, so you might as well invest in a cute, reusable one from Bruh Masks! My roommate @daliaforever created this brand over quarantine, and it honestly popped off. Each mask is handmade-to-order, and customers can choose from an assortment of fabrics for a unique look that keeps you safe and fashionable. Check out her Instagram here to order and keep an eye out for a holiday collection coming soon.

The Perfect Gift For Accessory Lovers

From Mcharms $120.00 USD

When it comes to jewelry, I always find myself too lazy to pair pieces together; that's why necklace stacks are my absolute go-to for accessorizing. @Mcharms sent me some pieces over the summer, and they are still some of my favorites in my jewelry collection. Besides the gorgeous stacks, the small, woman-owned brand also has personalized necklaces that I believe would make an excellent gift this holiday season. To shop Mcharms click here!

Designer Done Right

From The Vestiaire App $182.35

Buying designer items second hand is a great way to stay sustainable and save your bank account. It's also so fun! Whenever I am bored, I find myself scrolling apps like Vestiaire, Rent The Runway, The Real Real, etc. finding the best-hidden gems for a great price. For example, this Givenchy clutch is fabulous, and the price makes it accessible to young people like myself who can't afford to buy designer at the retail value. Shop this bag and other great deals here!

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