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Great gifts don't always have to break the bank, and often the presents that don't cost a lot are the most thoughtful. I've been brainstorming possible presents for my friends this year, and these are some of the ideas I have come up with. When it comes to putting together gift sets, I find that the packaging is super important, at least to me. If you do decide to give someone one of these gift sets, I recommend getting a cute lil' bag, tissue paper, and ribbons to really tie it all together. ( PS they usually have some cute options at TJ Maxx or even the Dollar Tree.)


$47.00 TOTAL

An easy gift that your bestie is sure to love. Boy Smells is one of my favorite candle brands right now, and they retail at around $32.00. The packaging is EVERYTHING and the scents, omg the scents, to die for. I figured you spend $15.00 on your friend's favorite candy, and bam, a cute little gift set is born. Shop Boy Smells here.


$36.98 TOTAL

The perfect gift for your music-loving, pot-smoking friend, vinyl collecting friend. The adorable rolling papers pictured are $10.00 from the brand Flower by Edie Parker. I highly recommend checking this website out to find more gifts for your "friends in high places," all of their collectibles are incredible. The Britney record is listed for $26.98 on Urban Outfitters, but quite honestly, I am sure you can find lower prices on vinyl at your local record store. Shop Flower here.


$0.00 TOTAL

In my opinion, this is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give someone. Giving a person your copy of your favorite book is so wholehearted. It is like giving that person a piece of yourself. The letter too is so sincere, think of writing to them, explaining why they are so important to you and tell them why the book is your favorite. Of course, this gift is for the deeper relationships in your life. I think this could be a priceless, unforgettable present for a boyfriend/girlfriend. (Side note yes, James And The Giant Peach is my favorite book.)


$48.00 TOTAL

I don't even know about this one; I feel like it just makes sense. The Satin Lipstick is from Yves Saint Laurent ($38.00 from Sephora) and happens to be an all-time favorite of mine, so I just had to throw it in here. The perfect pair for it? Mini bottles. I figured you spend $10.00 on the alcohol, which puts you right at $48.00, but if you need to spend even less, of course, you could swap out the designer lipstick for a more affordable one. Pretty self-explanatory, but this is the ultimate gift set for your party-loving friend who knows how to rock a red lip! Shop the YSL lipstick here.


$19.99 TOTAL

An excellent gift for bae!! Stance is my boyfriend's favorite sock brand, and for some reason, I feel like guys are very picky about their socks, or maybe that's just Kyle. Anyways, they truly are a great brand and have so many options on their website for both men and women. The pair pictured retail at $19.99 on their website. For the other part of this gift set, creating a personalized playlist is entirely free and totally heartfelt. There is nothing better than someone who understands your music taste and can expand on it, at least in my opinion. Shop Stance here.


$35.00 TOTAL

This might be my favorite gift set on here. First off, the cute tote bag from Lisa Says Gah ($15.00) can double as the packaging for this gift, which, hello! Bonus! Secondly, friendship bracelet supplies shouldn't cost you more than $20.00, and by gifting this to someone, you also get to enjoy the activity of actually making the bracelets together. How fun! Lastly, although I didn't include this in the total price, adding a bottle of wine to this gift set would really be the cherry on top. Shop the LSG tote bag here.

I hope these gift sets help to spark some ideas! Let me know which is your favorite or how you would customize them for the special people in your life.

With Love,


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