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What your favorite song on "Midnights" says about you

An opinion piece by your favorite long-term swiftie.

Lavender Haze

- Fast walker

- Your family has a little-white-fluffy-rat-looking dog

- Trust issues


- You romanticize everything

- You hate gift receiving because you’re really particular and no one knows you better than you so you rather they just save their money

- Cat person


- You did musical theater in high school

- Really bad at responding to texts

- Oldest of your siblings or an only child

Snow On The Beach (feat. Lana Del Rey)

- Spotify > Apple Music user

- Team Edward > Team Jacob

- You enjoy a drunk cigarette every now and then

You're On Your Own, Kid

- You don’t eat lunch

- Mommy issues

- Almost Famous is in your top 5 favorite movies of all time

Midnight Rain

- Stereotypically hot

- Independent to a fault

- "tis’ the damn season" is your favorite song from evermore


- "Looks like a cinnamon roll but would kill you"

- Never been in a serious relationship

- Gleek

Vigilante Shit

- Your favorite ice cream flavor has more than 4 syllables

- You’re allergic to seafood

- Ghostwriter for your friends when they are fighting with their partner over texts

- Your ex has a mild drug problem


- You pick out your OOTD the night before

- You sent a "Make your Mark" audition video to Disney Channel in 2012

- You watched The D'Amelio Show in its entirety


- Bad at math


- Slay is the most used word in your vocabulary.

- You do hot pilates and you love telling people that you do hot pilates

- You are part of the Target Circle Rewards program

Sweet Nothing

- You're a romantic / the relationship-type

- The Miu Miu ballet flats are your most prized possession and/or are at the top of your wishlist

- You’re always cold


- You speed up at yellow lights

- Stalking people up on Linked-In is your favorite pass time

- You retake your Bereals multiple times

The Great War

- Divorced parents

Bigger Than The Whole Sky

- You cry at commercials

- Extremely superstitious

- People pleaser


- You drink 3+ caffeinated drinks a day, then complain about being anxious

- If you were a handbag, you’d be a dark purple Fendi baguette.

- Your signature scent is Roses by Chloe

High Infidelity

- You post on Instagram maybe once a year but keep up with influencer culture

- Tummy issues

- You own an article of clothing of some sort that says "Feminist"


- You assume everyone you talk to at the bar is in love with you

- Terrible at directions

Would've, Could've, Should've

- The dad in the parent trap was your sexual awakening

- You knit for fun

- Avid reader

- Grudge holder

Dear Reader

- Your first American girl doll was Molly

- Lightweight

- You only grocery shop at Whole Foods

And which song from "Midnights" is my favorite? That's one secret I'll never tell.

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