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Hello hello! It's Ecovi here, aka your local foodie and frequent eater-outer. I'm back with another "Where to Eat" guide. This time I'm giving some recommendations for my college city of Savannah, GA! From rooftop drinks to dig-in-brunches, I got you covered. Whether you live in Savannah or are just visiting, here are some of my top picks of where to grab a bite.

Collins Quarter

151 Bull Street

Arguably my favorite restaurant in Savannah. It seriously never disappoints. The Collins Quarter is a great spot for brunch or dinner, and while the food is to die for, the atmosphere is equally as delightful. This past year they opened a second Collins Quarter in Forsyth Park, which I have only been in for a quick matcha. Still, wow, I can’t think of a better restaurant to place in the heart of Savannah’s iconic Forsyth. If you go here at brunch time, I recommend the breakfast sandwich (best I’ve ever had). If you’re planning to go here for dinner, I recommend starting with the artisanal cheese plate and then getting the pan-roasted market fish.

Fox & Fig

321 Habersham Street

A quaint, entirely plant-based cafe that will take your breath away. I’ve tried *almost everything on the menu and haven’t met a dish I didn’t love (and devour). Owned by the same people who gifted Savannah with Henny Penny, Foxy Loxy, and The Coffee Fox, Fox & Fig is a gem of a restaurant and one of my all-time favorites. My menu recommendations are the Smokey Mac, Fox Burger, and whatever the seasonal salad happens to be (it’s always a winner.)

Foxy Loxy/ The Coffee Fox/ Henny Penny

1919 Bull Street

It almost feels wrong to lump these three together because while sharing similar menus and being owned by the same people, they are so unique and wonderful in their own little ways. I listed the address for Foxy Loxy because it is my favorite out of the three and if you can only visit one, let it be Foxy. All three are coffee shops; however, Henny Penny also doubles as a children's art space, and Foxy Loxy doubles as a TexMex restaurant. I know what you're thinking...TexMex and Coffee? Kind of weird. Well, you're not wrong, it is weird, but it's also fantastic. My menu recommendation for Foxy Loxy is the iced matcha with oat milk. (warning it will ruin matcha from anywhere else for you because it's so good), the chipotle chicken taco, the quiche, or the desert fox salad. At Henny Penny, my menu recommendation is still the iced matcha but pair it with one of their homemade vegan donuts. Lastly, my menu recommendation for The Coffee Fox is the Vegan Horchata Latte. It's new and delicious.

Flock To The Wok

37 Whitaker Street

Suppose you're walking on Broughton and start to smell something that makes your mouth water in absolute deliciousness. In that case, you're probably getting close to Flock To The Wok. Apart from the Asian Fusion food being out of this world good, this place's atmosphere is insanely cool, made to feel like you're sitting in a giant brass birdcage. My order is always the Pork Soup Dumplings and the English Cucumber Salad. If you plan on dining here, I also recommend checking out the bar underneath called Peacock Lounge (the blood orange martini is to die for, and I don't even like oranges, so that's saying something.)

The Peregrin

254 East Perry Street

More of the spot for rooftop drinks and appetizers rather than a full-on dinner but worth the mention nonetheless. Located on top of my favorite hotel in Savannah (The Perry Lane) is this incredible bar/lounge with the city's best view. My menu recommendation for here is the seasonal selection for a frozen drink and the Hummus & Flatbread. If you're still hungry after this, definitely grab dinner at the hotel's full restaurant: The Emporium (but more about that later.)

Pizzeria Vittoria

2411 Desoto Avenue

Located inside the Starland Yard Park, this self-described "neighborhood pizza joint" blows it out of the park (no pun intended). Starland Yard is a fun place in itself, but Pizzeria Vittoria is the cherry on top. I recommend any of the pizzas (they all rock) and a classic caesar salad. If you're planning on eating here, try and go on a night where the Yard has live music, I mean, after all, what's better than gourmet pizza and good live music?

Mirabelle Cafe

313 Abercorn Street

Specialty coffees, waffles, paninis, and the homiest atmosphere. Something that makes Mirabelle so charming is that from the outside, it feels like you're walking into a friend's home, and that's because besides being an adorable cafe, Mirabelle also offers suites available on Airbnb and HomeAway. My menu must-get is an iced matcha with oat milk and lavender (tastes like lucky charms.)

The Grey

109 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

I passed by The Grey on my walk to class for so long before actually getting the chance to try it when my parents came to town because it can be a bit pricey. The upscale restaurant sits in an original 1938 Art Deco Greyhound Bus Terminal; pretty cool, huh? The menu is soulful and unique, changing nightly. I know that an ever-changing menu might throw one off- especially if you're like me and enjoy looking at a place's menu before you arrive, but I promise, if you just trust the process and dine here, they won't let you down.

Art's Cafe

345 Bull Street

Art's is owned and operated by SCAD and offers coffees, sandwiches, smoothies, and grab-and-go snacks. In a city full of dining options, one may stray away from a university-owned restaurant, but I am here to tell you that Art's is pretty dang good if you're looking for somewhere casual. If you decide to stop by and enjoy a meal here, you will place your order out of a double-decker bus, used initially in London and later operated by SCAD for student transportation (and now a cafe, lol). My recommendation here is to grab a friend, maybe bring some homework to work on, and split the turkey bliss sandwich.

The Emporium

254 E Perry Street

Along with The Peregrin, The Emporium is also located in the beautiful Perry Lane hotel (if you can't tell by now, I am fully obsessed with the Perry Lane). The Emporium was actually the first place I ever dined in Savannah, and I keep going back for a reason. The open kitchen concept brings a home-y vibe to the exceptionally eclectic dining space. My menu must-get here depends on the mealtime but if it's dinner, starting with the chef's board is always a good idea.

Big Bon Bodega

2011 Bull Street

Y'ALL. The amount of saved photos I have from Big Bon's Instagram account is actually unhealthy. I crave these wood-fired bagels like nobody's business. My menu must-get is the lox & schmear on an everything bagel, amazing is an understatement, trust me. The only thing is, I feel the need to let y'all know that they aren't open on Sundays. It's actually the saddest thing ever. I always feel like that is when I am craving a bagel the most, you feel me?

Little Duck Diner

150 W Saint Julian Street

The cutest elevated diner vibes!! If you're anything like me, aesthetics definitely come into play when deciding where to eat. Food quality is more important obviously, but restaurant aesthetic is important nonetheless. Little Duck Diner gives allll the retro-chic diner vibes but without bland coffee and fluorescent lights. If you decide to try this place out, my menu must-gets are french fries and a milkshake!

Myrtle & Rose

400 W River Street

WE LOVE TO SEE IT, SAVANNAH! MORE ROOFTOPS, PLEASEEE! Myrtle & Rose is a rooftop garden with a great ambiance and a fantastic view of the river. It features botanically inspired cocktails and an incredible selection of small plates that are perfect for sharing. I recommend coming here for sunset drinks and apps. However, If you decide to try this place out during the day, I must warn you it can get really hot, so try and grab a spot in the shade or dress light for the occasion.

Bull St Taco

1608 Bull Street

Bull Street is just simply popping off with the restaurant game, and Bull Street Taco may be the star of the show. Voted Savannah's best tacos and margaritas, I highly recommend checking this place out. They offer lots of outdoor and patio seating, perfect for the nice weather starting to make its way through Savannah. My menu must-get here is the falafel taco.

The Fat Radish

36 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd

Floor-to-ceiling windows, farm-to-table delegacies, and an atmosphere bound to make you smile, Fat Radish is the place to be! Its super veggie-oriented menu is ideal for those of us who adore eating out but are trying to stay healthy. If you are a Charlestonian like myself, then this eatery may seem familiar to you; that's because Charleston's Basic Kitchen is owned and operated by the same people who have blessed Savannah with The Fat Radish. My menu must-get is the oyster of the day. (Ps. don't forget to check out the cocktail many yummy options).

CoCo & Moss

30 Barnard Street

Hi sushi lovers, this one's for you. I looooove Coco & Moss! Located Downtown, near the river, you will find this bright and tropical oasis serving up some of the best (and prettiest) dishes the city has to offer. My menu must-get is the spicy ahi salad.

-- Much like Charleston, Savannah has so many incredible dining options and experiences, so I could never fit them all into one post (hence this is volume 1). I have a couple more awesome places I plan to share in a second post, along with (hopefully) some more recommendations of places I have heard were good but have yet to try myself. If you have any restaurants that you think I should try out in the Savannah area, please let me know! I'd love to hear some fellow foodie insight on this city that I am still just getting used to.



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